In Your Love... {Eternal Ishq #1}

In Your Love... {Eternal Ishq #1}

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abdurRahman (Gudi) By abdofRahman Completed

{Eternal Ishq Series - Book One}

A well known surgeon, a wannabe model, a would be Aalim, and a simple girl.

~The fate that links these four ~ the changes that are wrought, the tears that are shed, the sufferings that are endured and the hearts that are healed - In Your Love... is not just 'another love story', but a story of Passion, Truth, Sacrifice and Peace written down by Him eons ago, which I here as an author merely repeat. Enjoy!

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"I loved very many books on Wattpad. Every author has their own story to tell and their own individual talent but By Allah this book does it for me. It has an amazing non cliché story, a lot of Deen information, perfect English, entertainment and to top it all it brings an effect of peace and calm to my heart. Every chapter has a new sense of beauty and purpose other than just progressing the story..."
 - @Half-a-moon

~ Highest ranking  ~ Spiritual #1

I'm still in awe of this beautiful and mesmerising book💖 May Allaah Az Wa Jal Help us all Muslims to gather in such astounding unity❤
Pacifist7 Pacifist7 Apr 11
I AM BACK! AGAIN!! TO READ IYL!!! :) AGAAAAAAIIIIIIIN!!!!! coz I love this book for Allah's sake :)
Wow maasha Allah you have started it so beautifully that I n already in love with the story....
Pacifist7 Pacifist7 Apr 11
Aaaaah Humair, is it weird you are my Muslimah goals? But who wouldn't want to be like someone Allah loves to please even if this person is a fictional character ;)
SomerHeart SomerHeart Sep 19, 2015
....What?! Subhan Allah, you. Are. An. Amazing. Author. Like, I already know it deep down in my heart. (:
unbrittle unbrittle Sep 18, 2015
This is sooooo melting ma shaa Allah!! That Allah swt loves to please her and she is unaware!