John x Reader

John x Reader

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Egderplane By Egderplane Updated Apr 28, 2016

(F/n) (L/n), new student at Hussie Academy.

You know the clichés, you can probably spell it out for me.

But the one cliché that really caught (F/n), was the cute, buck-toothed, raven haired boy that seemed to take her breath away.

It was short, sweet and simple.

But will it really stay simple after this strange discovery and experiences she tackles through her new life?

|| This is my first 'x reader' so please understand my mistakes or errors. ||

((I edited the book cover, art is not mine and belongs to rightful owner.))

CityPixel CityPixel Sep 25, 2016
You lil bitch, now I spilled my Mountain Dew all over my Doritos ;—;
I guess John follows the lyrics "If you love me, don't let go." Not "IF YOU LOVE ME, LET ME GOOOOOOO"
LeslieKralie LeslieKralie Oct 25, 2016
Gog I have a friend named dave and I say that every time he does somefin stupid
How could you ruin my Gemini legacy?
                              Meh go ahead I always wanted to be a cancer even though it isn't.
KandyKat_weeb-chan KandyKat_weeb-chan Oct 21, 2016
If someone sticks their tongue out at me I literally just poke it.
PugLyfe123 PugLyfe123 Sep 26, 2016
... Dave feels his climax coming closer.....
                              Dave: *flips page of book* dis gon b gud