John x Reader

John x Reader

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Egderplane By Egderplane Updated Apr 28, 2016

(F/n) (L/n), new student at Hussie Academy.

You know the clichés, you can probably spell it out for me.

But the one cliché that really caught (F/n), was the cute, buck-toothed, raven haired boy that seemed to take her breath away.

It was short, sweet and simple.

But will it really stay simple after this strange discovery and experiences she tackles through her new life?

|| This is my first 'x reader' so please understand my mistakes or errors. ||

((I edited the book cover, art is not mine and belongs to rightful owner.))

Well that escalated quickly, I literally could be a murderer or something
Me: -looks everywhere-
                              Dave: what are you looking for?
                              Me:The time I asked for you to be my mom
Teacher: The class would like to know a bit about you! 
                              Me: No they don't 
                              Teacher: Sure they- *everyone is on their phones* •_• 
                              Me: *pulls out phone*
I could ask you the same question Strider! 
                              I like to sit in class before school starts, it's cool
Cyberkill Cyberkill Apr 14
I wear only like two outfits a week 
                              Fml, I have no sense of fashion
I'm so hurt I must buy cats and ice cream to get over this tragedy