Fairy Tail  Book of Lemons/One Shots

Fairy Tail Book of Lemons/One Shots

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KELLY <3 By keliana-chan Updated Apr 16, 2015

*the lemons and one shots aren't mine
*be Sure to be mature when reading the lemons
*do not report this story
*vote, comment, follow me here on wattpad
*requests are open for any of your OTPs
*again, I don't give a damn about your age but if your mature to read stories like this, don't report. if you're not, then stop reading 
*haters, nah...I don't mind them

This has been up for a while and still only one request has been filled
Antonia_Louise Antonia_Louise Nov 06, 2016
RoWen Lemon! I don't see any lemons of them two because they're young, can u make them both 18,19 and they have a proper lemon 😊
yesha_ann yesha_ann Dec 22, 2016
Nalu lemon! Make it like, after Lucy being ignored by natsu( cuz of bitchanna's returning ), they ya know will be his sorry to her
naf_naf naf_naf Oct 29, 2015
Waahh!!! You're so cool when you did the introduction or details over there, I laughed at the last part 'haters? Nah I don't mind them....', oh and can I request for Gruvia? I know it's there already I just wanna request gomi...
keliana-chan keliana-chan Apr 10, 2015
@Disney-Love you're welcome! and I can tell that yiu ship them hard...Thanks for the comments!
Disney-Love Disney-Love Apr 10, 2015
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  THANK YOU!  I'm sorry, but if you can't tell already, I SHIP GRUVIA SO HARD!!!  
                              Again, thank you!