The Hybrid's Rejection

The Hybrid's Rejection

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Chrissy Sam By chrissysam Updated Aug 05

In a world where the once peaceful coexistence of all supernaturals was destroyed, the leaders, the strongest and the most powerful of all the supernaturals were ripped into two sides. 

The Werewolves who chose to follow God will and be the protectors of the humans. While the Witches chose to ignore God will by wanting to rule over the humans. 

Belonging to earth they all had free will, unlike the angels. When one angel falls in love with one of the few remaining good witches he falls from grace and a child is born. 

As the first hybrid of her kind in history, she was the most powerful being on earth. She possessed powers that have never been seen before. Able to manipulate the mate bond she becomes an equalizer for all mates but as a war breaks out between the witches and the werewolves, how will she save the world? 

Not to mention, while gaining the attention of a dark being almost as powerful as God himself and dealing with her own mate rejecting her? 

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ProfessorJoel ProfessorJoel Jul 29, 2016
this is awesome, you took warewolves to a whole new level, can't wait for more
Sophialovestoread123 Sophialovestoread123 May 16, 2016
It's so mysterious, magnificent, colorful, and dark at the same time
ibislayer ibislayer Sep 03, 2016
i was so inspired i decided to write 
                              no where near as good tho :(
life_is_a_fiction life_is_a_fiction Aug 03, 2016
Wait am I technically a *hybrid* cause I'm a mix of French and Trinbago