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The Hybrid's Rejection

The Hybrid's Rejection

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Chrissy Sam By chrissysam Updated Jun 14

What if there was a way to close the mate bond?

To stop the pain and suffering of a surviving mate after the other dies.
To save a mate from their unworthy half... 
To save them from rejection.

Werewolf laws state that if a mate rejects their bond then they have already forfeited their connection to their other half and so only the ones being rejected can have their side closed since the rejection was not something they chose.

The aftermath, the rejected mate is free. They feel no love, no pull to their ex-mates. 
In fact they can even hate them for all the pain they have caused.

However the mate who rejected their bond will continue to feel everything and more. 
With the lost of their other half their need for them grows to dangerous levels. 
Depending on their personality, they can become obsessive, controlling or a complete slave to the mates they once rejected. Without their mate they will slowly lose their sanity and become a rouge or commit suicide.

There is a way though, the bond can be re-created.
The mate desiring it needs to have the other fall completely in love with them.
Sounds easy enough right?

Wrong, imagine trying to make a person see past all your cheating ways, your abuse, the very fact that you rejected them, when all the while they feel nothing for you. Still think it's easy?

Meet Crystal, this is her job. She works for the werewolf council as a royal warrior but as a result of her unique ability to manipulate the werewolf mate bond the council has appointed her the responsibility to act as a equalizer for all mates, but what happens when her own mate rejects her? Will her own spell work on her and does she really have what it takes to break the bond or will her mate win back her heart?

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A/N: This plot is not only about her rejection there are other things as well. Please read the prologue for a better understanding of everything this book will contain. Thank you for reading.

ProfessorJoel ProfessorJoel Jul 29, 2016
this is awesome, you took warewolves to a whole new level, can't wait for more
Sophialovestoread123 Sophialovestoread123 May 16, 2016
It's so mysterious, magnificent, colorful, and dark at the same time
ibislayer ibislayer Sep 03, 2016
i was so inspired i decided to write 
                              no where near as good tho :(
life_is_a_fiction life_is_a_fiction Aug 03, 2016
Wait am I technically a *hybrid* cause I'm a mix of French and Trinbago