My Badass Mate

My Badass Mate

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{Sequel to My Alpha Mate}

Once every 10,000 years a single vampire/wolf hybrid child will be born a half demon wolf. When the chosen child comes of age, she will transform into a true Demon wolf. Once fully transformed the Moon Goddess will choose if she will be for the light or dark. Almost every Demon wolf has been chosen for the light, but forces like Rouges, evil witches and Vampires can interfere and change this. 

This has only happened once. The last Demon wolf was chosen for the dark, which meant that rouges and other evil creatures were free to roam the Earth, killing and attacking humans, Werewolf's and other supernatural species. The high elders called it the Dark Days. 

North knew she was a Demon wolf, due to her early shifting and her short temper, red eyes, long fangs, etc. Although, she never knew what it meant to be one though. It's only 7 months till North's Birthday and things starting to happen, not all good things, to be exact.

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Sparklerose217 Sparklerose217 Aug 19, 2016
Im sorry but vampire's can't die they are immortal and they can't have kids because they are dead!
Xlovelymacy08X Xlovelymacy08X Apr 22, 2016
If trinity is a slut what will happen to her angel genes i know she is a light angel but i guess the moon goddess will have a double look
Sammyheartsdaworld Sammyheartsdaworld Jan 30, 2016
What did she do with Delilah? And what was with her lack of reaction?
sami_white sami_white Oct 27, 2016
Is she a ghost
                              And you say trinity is a bad example,look at you putting babies in the floor 
                              Do you know how much force that takes
                              I don't think there's zombies in you family even though your close to brain dead if your stupid enough to put a baby into a floor
                              I rest my case*hair flip*
rude-honesty rude-honesty Jan 06, 2016
I'm 12 and 5'2, he's just an inch taller than me and he's just a year older
cvazquez45 cvazquez45 Nov 09, 2015
What happens between North and Trinity?  Is it because one is a Demon and the other an Angel?????