You're Late [ManxBoy]

You're Late [ManxBoy]

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Rihhhhh By Drixton17 Completed

He isn't strict

But he isn't easy

He gives every student in his class one rule to follow, and one rule only

Don't be late to his class

Now, let's see who'll follow the rule and who'll disobey it once class is in session

And what happens once that one student disobeys his rule? That's what he's dying to find out himself

tunalicious tunalicious Sep 19
I want a book where its a teacher student relationship but the teacher is the bottom cause in all of the teach/student books the teacher is always the top
I thought the guy was going to say he should stay outside ... lol
mizznice mizznice Aug 20
Oh wow. My friend has one emerald green eye and one ocean blue eye! 
                              She's their baby!
Kayla408 Kayla408 Aug 20
It's not even the first chapter and I have words but are way to dirty for you semi innocent people
A91011 A91011 Sep 19, 2015
All I'm thinking is please do not get a b0ner in class, cause all eyes are on you.
loving_bubbles13 loving_bubbles13 Aug 18, 2015
im hearing hills by the weekend and it goes perfect with this momment