You're Late [ManxBoy]

You're Late [ManxBoy]

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He isn't strict

But he isn't easy

He gives every student in his class one rule to follow, and one rule only

Don't be late to his class

Now, let's see who'll follow the rule and who'll disobey it once class is in session

And what happens once that one student disobeys his rule? That's what he's dying to find out himself

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aesthetically_gay_af aesthetically_gay_af Oct 20, 2017
Lol I'm with this chick my calc teacher is hot at like DADDY 👅🍆💦💨
smilirose smilirose Jan 06
my german teacher (I live in Germany) always asks us if we want a talking minute which literally consists of her just waiting and organising her stuff while the class talks for while (about 3 to 5 minutes)
smilirose smilirose Jan 06
Is my school the only one where this would not be accepted and he would probably get in serious trouble
Madcolouress Madcolouress Dec 07, 2017
Now I kinda feel weird, that was the nickname I gave one of my friends
Madcolouress Madcolouress Dec 06, 2017
Since I go to a performing arts school, we mostly talk to people in our major which usually separates us like how they got the cliques
TasteTheFanfics71 TasteTheFanfics71 Apr 18, 2017
With the class's eyes on me, I'd probably hyperventilate XD))) I remember in 4th grade I had to present a presentation that I had made, and I got so nervous I could hear my blood pumping and my head felt like a balloon.... That was 2 years ago..... I still do that