Two Hearts: The Hunt [Slowly Editing]

Two Hearts: The Hunt [Slowly Editing]

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мєℓιѕѕα By melissassilem Completed

The vampires. Adrianna Catalina Marandici is the spoiled vampire princess of Marandici Kingdom. After the unfortunate death of her father the King, Adrianna is sent by her rash stepfather to the border town of Fairview Hills to find the werewolf responsible for his brother's death. But what happens when instead of finding a werewolf, she finds love? 

The werewolves. Caleb Hayes is the future Alpha of the Moonlight Shadows pack. After his father, the current leader and Alpha, hears from a witch that the Marandici vampires have sent one of their own to attack their pack, he sends Caleb to Fairview Hills to kill the vampire and protect his race. But what happens when instead of protecting his pack, Caleb finds himself protecting someone who he loves?

The witches. For centuries they have watched the ongoing feud between werewolves and vampires intensify to the point of death. Now with both sides on the brink of war, they have been pressured to pick a side. But soon their suspicious actions give way to questions regarding their true intentions. Whose side are the witches of Fairview Hills really on?

Three sides, two hearts, one fate.

Let The Hunt begin.

[ Written when I was 15. First story ever. Does not reflect current writing ability. Read at own risk. ]

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Caramelkitten27 Caramelkitten27 Jun 14, 2017
I'm rereading, I came back to see this book still has only 1 million plus views like TF?
xXMopelXx xXMopelXx Jul 03, 2014
I've been waiting for a good vampire and werewolf romance for SO LONG. I wanted to write my own, but honestly don't have patience for that. From your little blurb, I'm super excited. I can't wait to read the rest :) xo
idaxas idaxas Jan 12, 2014
I read your stating comment and FINALLY!! Not another bad mate story!!! Hearts from me <33
AileyElliott AileyElliott Nov 28, 2013
i already read your story and it was amazing i am so hooked that i am reading it for the second time pls to all your fans and everybody start the second book becouse we love your story
The-Celestial-Author The-Celestial-Author Aug 22, 2013
I don't think I'm gonna ever find my name in a story; it's Lakiyah
_10th_Doctor_ _10th_Doctor_ Aug 20, 2013
THANK YOU!!!!!! Finally someone that put my name in a story and its actually spelt right!!!!!!! My name is Adrianna.