You're a Werewolf ✔

You're a Werewolf ✔

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“Kiara Rose” By kalaaaaaii Completed

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          Nicole Summers. The girl who thought she was ordinary. That she was just a human, until the time came she came across a guy named, Leandre. 
          She was bound to find out about their families secret. But once her family told her all about it, it was a lot for her to take in. 
          More and more secrets keep on spilling, entangling her in a life full of surprises and abilities. 
          Will she be able to live a normal life again?
  For all my readers, the old and the new ones, thanks for giving this story a chance. I really appreciate it. Plus it's my first werewolf story so bear with me please. I usually write teen fiction but this idea came to mind, so why not? 
  -Kiara Rose ❤
  Currently #23 in Werewolf (3/5/18)

11-12-17: This story will have an edited version next april-may 2018.

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CalAshLuciferMikey CalAshLuciferMikey Apr 29, 2017
I have an older half sister, Alyson, we have the same dad, she's 16. I have an older step sister, Kyleigh, she is my step dad's child, she's 16. I have a younger half brother, we have the same mom, he is 8. So I know how it feels.
I’m the same with my friends, I start to miss them right after I’m away from them.
Llama_Dreams Llama_Dreams Nov 14, 2017
One things for sure: You're not supposed to have the speech bold.
                              *Do excuse me if I offended you, but I'm just giving advice. In addition to that, I want to be an editor, so it's an instinct.*
Nobody is as speed as the flash 
                              But I want to because me too I’m really just like a turtle and it’s very boring
asimril916 asimril916 Sep 27, 2017
oh wow yall are sooooo weird and thats a good thing good for you
kristajaye kristajaye Nov 16, 2017
She is getting there.....n nothing is wrong if it is written in bold....😂