DMs // hemmings [editing]

DMs // hemmings [editing]

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Megan E By -wastethenight Completed

"Patience is a virtue."

Or not, in this case.

© -wastethenight, 2015

tw: cheating, drugs, death

#353 in Fanfiction - 7/1/2016

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lovesick--rais lovesick--rais Jul 09, 2016
I feel as though this song is not noticed enough T but I freakiNG LOVE IT
wymdolan wymdolan Oct 08, 2016
i have such a spiritual connection to this song, so much to where i'm so emotionally attached that i nearly sob every time it comes on omg😂😍
hemmsos hemmsos Jul 12, 2016
please go check out my new fan fiction about TINDER and LUKE HEMMINGS :) I’ll be sure to follow all you guys back, and check out your works as well!
wymdolan wymdolan Oct 08, 2016
take me back to the middle of nowhere, 
                              back to the place only you and i share
                              remember all the memories? 
                              the fireflies and make believe
asteroidluke asteroidluke Sep 10, 2016
I'm so late to the party but ROAM, Broadside & Knuckle Puck are my JAMS
_suburbia _suburbia May 08, 2016
I thought of Crowley from spn and idk why like he has no virtues