The Bird Who Wouldn't Sing (Retelling of Young Justice + BirdFlash)

The Bird Who Wouldn't Sing (Retelling of Young Justice + BirdFlash)

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The Heat Goddess By Otaku_heroes Updated Jul 18, 2017

Richard J. Graysonn was kidnapped and trained to be an assassin after his parents fell. Dick ran away from the Court of Owls and was later adopted by Bruce Wayne! After finding out Batman's identity, Robin was born!

Robin soon met Kid Flash and then Speedy before meeting Aqualad! Young Justice was soon formed!!

Being a young hero is hard, but it's even harder when you can't speak!

There's a reason why he's a selective mute...

Warning: Slash/BL (M x M), Artemis being a... jerk at times, and well.. BIRDFLASH!
(Don't like? Then don't read :P)

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X_SRK_X X_SRK_X Jun 30, 2017
Am actually a selective mute too but my parents like to get annoyed so sometimes I have to talk but not everytime
There was a muts kid at my boy and girls club I was her best friend
FearsomeSoul22 FearsomeSoul22 Aug 05, 2016
Artimase is practically always a jerk. But I'll admit, there are times (not always) where she is 'ok' in yj.
Midnight-joker Midnight-joker Apr 08, 2016
the mute thing you have a thought of you are taking someone elses idea , I am not sure weather it was or devein art but you are being a poser . no one can trick me