The Internship [Stuart Twombly]

The Internship [Stuart Twombly]

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"It looks better on you anyways."

Leah Husson hasn't talked in 17 years, hasn't made a single noise. She was mute. Still managing a 4.0 grade average and getting all the 'A' a student could get, she decides it's time for a job right after collage.
She planned her whole summer out:
1.)Begin the internship at Google
2.)Win the internship
3.)Work at Google

What she didn't plan was having friends who had her back and creating a bond with a boy in a beanie. She never expected in a million years to fall in love, especially with a boy so profoundly annoyed with the world. She also never expected talking for the first time in 17 years.

This Was Going To Be One Hell Of A Summer.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Internship or any of it's characters or dialogue, I do however own Leah Husson and her lines.

-auroraburealis -auroraburealis Apr 04, 2016
you better shut that little mouth trap before your tongue gors to the lions x
bunnies527 bunnies527 Aug 24, 2016
well obviously you don't talk to mutes. you use sign language.
imabeastforbooks imabeastforbooks Apr 06, 2016
Let's have a bonding experience by killing a bítch named Graham
Samantha32100 Samantha32100 May 04, 2016
I swear I read this and I almost started crying...that was high-key rude..
HoplessRomantic1314 HoplessRomantic1314 Mar 26, 2016
Will you kindly shut your pretty little mouth Stuart? Thanks😘