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The Unlucky Clover » n.h.

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Lillian By TypicalFangirlx Completed

[st. patrick's special:✔ ]

On St. Patrick's Day, I honestly didn't believe that I'd be pinched by some stranger on the street for not wearing green. Then again, I didn't believe there was such thing as the luckiest man in the world and, of course, I was proven wrong (go figure, he was Irish).

But seriously, who knew that the boy with the best luck would stumble upon the girl with the worst?

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This description reminds me of the movie "Just My Luck"  with Lindsay Lohan
Awesome characters you chose! Looks like they're siblings and I've always thought Nina and Victoria look somewhat alike!
pizzaisland- pizzaisland- Mar 17, 2015
i am already in love i was in love before but now i am mega in love x 
                              hope your day was really great x
zaynctuary zaynctuary Mar 14, 2015
first of all, who gave you the right to puT THAT FETUS PICTURE
                              second, I'm really excited woohoo !!
pizzaisland- pizzaisland- Mar 11, 2015
i am squealing i am so excited you have the greatest ideas x
pirateharry pirateharry Mar 10, 2015
                              I have a different theory of which one Harry'd be now though, the April fools one? Because he always makes jokes. :)