Fourteen and Fool [ZIANOURRY- Harry centric] (Menxboy)

Fourteen and Fool [ZIANOURRY- Harry centric] (Menxboy)

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ALEXANDRIA HEART By Littledevil02 Updated Jan 08

Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson -they are best friends. When they want something, they get it to whatever extent. (Four rich bastards after all) 

But when they met Harry Styles, everything changed.

...and according to Desmond Styles, anyone who hurts his son is doomed to eternal damnation. 


Copyright © 2015 by Littledevil02

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hazzabaeby hazzabaeby May 05
Me Monday→ Friday mornings but it is actually 6 in the morning
nerdmaid nerdmaid Mar 30, 2016
I'm 18 and I dont know how to ride a bike and there's nothing wrong with it.. One my crush gave me a ride bc I couldn't use the bike soooo
xXcathastropheXx xXcathastropheXx Feb 18, 2016
Don't worry Hazza I'll teach you. Oh wait, I'm not in the story...
Styles_Dannya Styles_Dannya Jul 23, 2015
Hey Harry don't worry bout it I was the same because when I was six my stepdad let go of me and I bumped into the sidewalk and fell and I was scared of bikes but not anymore.
Styles_Dannya Styles_Dannya Jul 23, 2015
Everything about him is sinful jk but seriously he's so gorgeous.