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Chelsea By BeautifullyComplex Completed


They're better than you - and they're living it up too.

Spring Break has finally arrived and while normal folk are having the time of their lives with Netflix, Beverly Hills' most hottest and richest teens are fleeing the city for bigger and better things. Unfortunately, not one rich kid remembered to check their Louis Vuitton suitcases for dramatic stowaways.

Jacqueline Lexington is determined to get away from the fuss that is the Lexingtons - but either drama is a stalker or Alabaster Prep's Valedictorian IS  the drama.

Former social queen, Erika Felix, has went from cheetah to faux fur and after a major scandal, she's suddenly gone from rich kid to delinquent - and for the first time ever, money isn't available by the swipe of a credit card.

Paisely Mont Vernon has went from the school's bubbly party girl to It Girl overnight but with everyone trying to mold her into a Queen B, she finds herself faced with going from a ditsy blonde to a Good Girl Gone Bad.

Although money isn't a problem, you've got ninety-nine more when you're a rich kid.


UrbanDivinity UrbanDivinity Aug 06, 2016
Actually I think panera bread or Starbucks is the rich kid equivalent lml
allyxkatt allyxkatt Jul 29, 2016
I finished Rich Kids in like 2 to 4 days. Luxury what good? *Nicki Minja at the VMAs*
allyxkatt allyxkatt Jul 29, 2016
Las Vegas... I use to live there the kids there are wild I was in the 3rd grade when I was there and there was a bunch of drama in the 3rd grade like wtf. Also, my uncle's wife's daughter was secretly wilded AF and in the end she got pregnant. So yet Vegas sounds like a place for them...
UrbanDivinity UrbanDivinity Aug 06, 2016
I like, her with Blake.  Damon is exactly what women need to stay away from.  If someone really cares they aren't going to hurt you a whole bunch of times to get it right.  Females need to get that through their heads
FelishaKnight FelishaKnight Dec 06, 2016
Well um drake bell is well how to say it broke (at least to me)
Wendie03 Wendie03 Nov 03, 2016
Why does everyone hate Blake? At least he's better than Disgusting Damon (Jk about Damon. I heart him)