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Cheating and Lying Mate

Cheating and Lying Mate

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immybill By immybill Completed

He was my mate, my other half. I was happy at first but like all good things, it must come to an end. Seeing it with my own eyes wasn't the worst part of it though. The worst part was the fact that he had the courage to tell me that he loved me when in reality, he didn't. Running away from him seemed like a good idea and it seems that fate thought that too. Meeting another wolf, an Alpha at that too, who had lost his mate a few years ago and he just so happened to like me. I found a new pack, a new family but like I mentioned before, all good things must come to an end. With my mate wanting me back but my feelings for the other Alpha progressing, I'm confused and lost.
This is one problem that I can't solve.

isamic isamic May 08
I don't understand 
                              Doesn't the mate pull make them NOT do that? Like the female mates have a strong pull to the make why the freek doesn't the make have a strong pull to the female 🤔
whimserlust whimserlust May 29
*sharpens finger removers , wolverine blades , knuckle busters* don't try me bitch
TasiaTaBell TasiaTaBell Apr 08
There is a guy in my class who is a complete fuckboi he's dated every girl in the except me and he's be hitting on me like it his goal by the end of the year wtf
isamic isamic May 08
If you date someone who has cheated ob other people in their past you can expect them to cheat on you
OMG!! By any chance are you from New Zealand!?!? We have a shop here called Farmers!!
isamic isamic May 08
This makes no sense. She was at an airport! She was trying to FREAKEN GET OUT IF UR TERRITORY. Wolves should be allowed to pass through so they can leave the country,, its not like there is a airport in every territory. + they are living in a human society, they have the right.