The Shiratou Signs (A Naruto FanFiction)

The Shiratou Signs (A Naruto FanFiction)

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Ginger By SpiceBabe Updated Jan 06, 2013

Saru Shiratou and Yuki Shiratou have been orphans for as long as they can remember. Yuki found Saru eight years ago when the small girl was stranded on a small dirt road and shivering in the snow. Yuki decided to take the orphan under her wing, knowing what foster-homes were like and how orphanages could be. She became a big sister figure to Saru, who loves her "Yuki-chan" more than anything. 

As Saru grew older she discovered anime and has been crazy about one anime in particular. Naruto. She calls herself a "Narutard" proudly and only heaven knows how often she talks non-stop about it to Yuki. 

Yuki knows nearly as much as Saru, having looked through it when Saru introduced her to it and also having heard the short version of nearly every episode at least seven times from her little sister. 

Yuki loves looking on the bright side of things; Saru, the sarcastic side. To Yuki the glass if half full. To Saru it's always full, even if it's only filled with air.

But one day something happens, and the sisters awake to find themselves in a strangely familiar place. Unfortunately, they don't realize just how familiar it is. 

They find themselves in a new environment with different ideals. A new world with different ways of life. They also find themselves flung into a war of generations that has almost everything to do with the one name Saru has all but forgotten. Her own last name.


Thanks LOADS for checking my story out! Tell me what you think, in all honesty, I'd love to know! :) Sadly, I do NOT own Naruto. That is owned by the wonderful man who designed it himself, Masashi Kishimoto (sp?)

:P Love ya!

~Ginger >//<

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