In the Naruto World?! (Kisame love story)

In the Naruto World?! (Kisame love story)

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Yuki Ayumu was an ordinary girl that loved Naruto. Specially the Akatsuki. She wishes she could be apart of that world. Unfortunately, she dies in a car accident, but she gets second chance.

(Ok so in this fanfic Naruto and the others think the Akatsuki is dead but they're not. How? Magic~ (idk they just are -_-) and the Akatsuki stopped trying to capture the tailed beasts and are just being hired to kill people and collecting bounties and missions and stuff.) Btw, there's going to be cursing so...yeah.

Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto
Yuki belongs to me

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Tsumi_no_Meka Tsumi_no_Meka Jul 18, 2017
I prefer *guess who?*
DblackGG DblackGG Sep 03, 2017
every kisame lover can agree to this! (probably XD)
                              they didn't like him when they only saw his face.....
                              but when they saw him shirtless it was a different story~ XD