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Kuroko no Basket x Reader (One shots) [Discontinued]

Kuroko no Basket x Reader (One shots) [Discontinued]

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SaintInVain By SaintInVain Completed

The reader is an artist here. Let's pretend that you're a professional artist for a day.

It was another day on art class for (Last Name) (First Name), with the same routine. You submitted your artwork, people praised you, some of them asked you for tips. It's always been like that. 

No one has ever surpasses your skill at drawing. You're incredibly good at them, and that's what makes you bored. You can draw a real object into a painting perfectly, it looks so real almost if it's just a photo. You do enjoy drawing, but sometimes, you feel like you lost your interest on it.


"Come on, (First Name)-chan, we have to get hurry. I don't wanna miss Kise's dunks!" Your best friend, (Random Name) dragged you.

You groaned internally, you shouldn't have agreed to her after all. Yes, your best friend was a fan of Kise. A huge fan, you may add.

Being friends with a fangirl could be a pain, sometimes.

When both of you arrived at the gym, it was already crowded with girls. Your best friend ...

UlFangirl01 UlFangirl01 Apr 02
I feel sorry for my real friends if I even have them to hang out with me for this reason xD
reddxxpanda reddxxpanda May 14
Gets introduced to Chocolate Blueberry flavor: Woah is that Aoemine?!
                              Him: BITCH YOU GUESSED IT!! *starts moonwalking* WHOO!! YOU WAS RIGHT! *dabs and flees*
- - Oct 15, 2016
Finnaly a oneshot with a flat chest! I've been looking for these...
SapphireSparklezz SapphireSparklezz Sep 03, 2016
Alwaysssss. Foreverrrrr. 
                              People even ask me to draw them. Like T-T go fück urself
"Probably the Best Object that I Could Find in this School." LMAO!!!
NyoomKamik NyoomKamik Jan 27, 2016
                              I'm done
                              I'm so done rn