Kiseki no Love | Kuroko no Basket One-Shots

Kiseki no Love | Kuroko no Basket One-Shots

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~ By Cora-chan Completed

Watch him put his basketball talents aside as he uses his romance skills to try to score something much more important than any two- or three-pointer: your heart. 

Kuroko no Basuke/Kuroko's Basketball one-shots

|| Completed ||

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StarHeartPrimeSwipe StarHeartPrimeSwipe Sep 25, 2017
I have 7 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and 6 on Wednesday and Friday and then we have two-day weekend
the_magical_queer the_magical_queer Sep 24, 2017
                              (-.(-.(-.(-.-).-).-).-) the mafia is watching y'all
Ha haha... it's so me it's scary 😅 guy would tell me we should go out somewhere together and later on my male friend told me that he meant it as a date... Ha... I'm hopeless😂
bellaboo- bellaboo- Jul 06, 2016
Whenever i think of math, I think of Jason Yamori from Tokyo Ghoul...I've learned from Tokyo Ghoul that math IS torture..
                              1000 - 7
The1mperfectOnes The1mperfectOnes Feb 05, 2016
Aiko is pretty short... I'll just use Neko as like a nick name
Shizuoka_Midorima Shizuoka_Midorima Jan 31, 2016
Al-chin or Lex-chin or Xy-chin....damn nicknames, too many..