Son of the moon and hearth

Son of the moon and hearth

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Chaos' POV

I had just finished Explaining to my great granddaughter Hestia of my plan for the great prophecy and telling her about what will come after.

We were waiting in her temple on Olympus waiting for Artemis to arrive. While we waited I was running over the chant that would allow Hestia to have a child like Athena's brain children, except this requires two gods to do the deed not a mortal and a god as with Athena.

"Lord Chaos" Hestia grabs my attention. "Artemis has just arrived; she shall be here in a second."

As she finishes the goddess of the hunt flashes in.

"What brings me here Aunt Hestia?" she questions oblivious to my presence. Hestia turns and gestures towards me.

I step forward to make myself known to the young goddess. "Greetings Lady Artemis, I have come to offer you and Hestia something that you have never been able to have." She raises her eyebrow at this not quite getting my cryptic wording. Pause for effect I clear my throat, "I wish to help yo...

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TerraRider TerraRider Jun 25
hey, this Percy has the same last name of my oc (I do not take offense to this and also I'm not angered by this)
                              Clicky pen?
                              It's a ball point uncappy pen
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Same I completely forgot and their names really matter in my book.
First I congregate you for not making riptide a fancy pen but it is an office max dissposible pen not a clicky
I'm rereading this,
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Rednax98 Rednax98 May 29, 2016
Clotho (spinner), Lachesis (allotter) and Atropos (unturnable)