CHUBBY and the BULLY (Lesbian Stories)

CHUBBY and the BULLY (Lesbian Stories)

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Flare is a adorable chubby and shy little girl and everyone in her school bully her because of her big belly and fluffy cheeks. As a innocent little girl she couldn't understand why everyone hurt her physically and emotionally especially her Epitome enemy Erin Cross, that little blonde who made her little world like a living hell and promise with herself to hate her forever. 

When Flare's parents got a divorce, her mother decided to lived in London England. They lived happily there for 10 years but when her mother died because of cancer. She was forced to go back in US, since she was only 17 and still minor. 

Flare met her long lost father again and stay with him together with his new family and meet her epitome childhood enemy again. 

#3 Teen Fiction

Yup. Why do I know this..... when this happens in a summary it's gonna happen in the book..... I have NEVER NOT ONCE come across a situation where the summary doesn't turn out right
This made my day...... and made me sad since I don't have a girlfriend...... or a boyfriend...... or anyone I like T_T but you guys keep being happy!!! 😊
BloopplooB BloopplooB Jul 14
🙌🏾🙌🏾if only we lived in a world where everyone cared about others feelings but sadly it's rare to meet people these days that aren't rude
SheriffSapp SheriffSapp Nov 04
I understand completely. Not everyone with amazing ideas and an ability to put their ideas to paper (Or screen, I suppose.) Is going to have grade A english, that's a fact of life 👏 it doesn't mean you're any less amazing!
Iv'e heard that quote and I honestly I can't help but think its all true
TatiPantsu TatiPantsu Mar 28
It's beautifully say but it useless. Bullying will continue no matter what we say. This damn world!