CHUBBY and the BULLY (Lesbian Stories)

CHUBBY and the BULLY (Lesbian Stories)

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#98 8-1-17

Flare Evans

She was only seven years old when her parents got a painful decision to divorce. Flare was too young to comprehend what was happening to her family. 

Her mother decided to move somehwere far, new people, new places and new oppurtunity  to start a brand new life in England. 

When her mother died, Flare has no choice but to go back in America where her father is. She is having a hard time to swallow the tears and sorrow because of grief. And Flare did not know if its a good idea to live with her father with his new family.

pepsi10844 pepsi10844 Jun 13
Soooo English is my 1st language so you should let me edit this book for you :)
TakeIt_Izzy TakeIt_Izzy Aug 24
Wonders why bullies have the misguided idea that they are so cool and that people are impressed by them. Bullies   are the most UNCOOL, PATHETIC  people of all!
I just started this story and I already know imma be like "what's next?!?"
-CallMeAl- -CallMeAl- Jun 28
I'm still happy with my banana that had 50 shades 😂😂😂
_Day_62303 _Day_62303 Aug 31
I actually relate to this on a personal level. I'm the school slut according to some but I'm a virgin and I've only had three boyfriends and I talked with a girl .
Yah but i never witness a bullying like in wattpads😂😂😂