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i thought you were a boy by katasstrophe
i thought you were a boyby ˗ˏˋ k a t ˎˊ˗
Connecting to Video Chat... "Hi!" "Oh. Oh my god. Oh god." "What?" "I thought you were a boy." --- all characters and situations...
Under the Skin (Girl X Girl) by crimsonkoi
Under the Skin (Girl X Girl)by CrimsonKoi
UNICORN AWARDS WINNER 2018 * Ranked#2 LGBT discrimination 03/08/2018-04/8/2018 *Ranked #9 mystery/thriller 05/01/2018 *Listed in the #writHer LGBT+ *Listed in the #proj...
Yours (girl×girl) by crimsonkoi
Yours (girl×girl)by CrimsonKoi
*achievements #1 lesbehonest 12/7/2019 #1 outstanding 30/04/2019 # 9 spirit 27/06/2019 #15 girl power 02/03/2019 #20 mystery/thriller 01/02/2018 *Listed in NewStoriesLGB...
Losing Everything by TessMackenzie
Losing Everythingby Tess
Lucy loses everything that matters to her, her partner and job and business and all her money. She loses everything, and in doing so she reconnects with an old friend...
The President's Daughter (lesbian) by WriteMyHeartForYou
The President's Daughter (lesbian)by 🌸
[ENGLISH] HIGHEST RANKING| #2 02-11-18 CHICKLIT Elise Shannon is a typical High school student, a friendly, sweet and smart student. she isn't a popular nor she never wa...
CHUBBY and the BULLY (Lesbian) by WriteMyHeartForYou
CHUBBY and the BULLY (Lesbian)by 🌸
[ENGLISH] HIGHEST RANKING #32 02-24-18 TEEN FICTION Flare Evans She was only seven years old when her parents got a painful decision to divorce. Flare was too young to c...
The Lesbian Project by crimsonkoi
The Lesbian Projectby CrimsonKoi
Two women meet at a bar... Wait! This isn't a cliche or typical girl meets girl story. Ray and Winter do meet at a bar, a lesbian bar in fact. Have you ever met someone...
The Little Lesbian✔ by aceofpage
The Little Lesbian✔by aceofpage
We've all heard the tale of Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Little Mermaid'. But what if in an alternate universe the mermaid doesn't chase after the Prince due to her lo...
When the Ice Queen melts (lesbian) by WriteMyHeartForYou
When the Ice Queen melts (lesbian)by 🌸
HIGHEST RANKING #2 IN CHICKLIT 3-28-18 Every school has a famous Ice Queen and in Walton Academy, there is Emeri Perron. She is fierce, beautiful and undeniably smart. ...
Ice (Girl X Girl) by crimsonkoi
Ice (Girl X Girl)by CrimsonKoi
Ranked#1 random 19/03/2019 Sensuality along with dark humor abide within these few hundred words. Crimsonkoi ventures somewhere she has never gone before. A quick read...
Breathe (GxG) by GeneralBreevus
Breathe (GxG)by Bree
Layla Braxton is lonely. She has lived for far too long without any companionship. For many years, her Vampire life has drawn many ups and downs that pulled on her lonel...
Halsey One-Shots  by lashtonsalt-
Halsey One-Shots by DumbBitchRs
One-shots and Imagines . (GirlxGirl)
My Love From The Star  (lesbian) COMPLETED by WriteMyHeartForYou
My Love From The Star (lesbian) C...by 🌸
[ENGLISH] HIGHEST RANKING! #17 04-11-18 HUMOR Hera Parker, the rebel of the family. Popular lesbian of her school. Save the Campus Nerd from a two strangers. Asteria Ha...
Lesbian Short Stories by mediaocrelesbean
Lesbian Short Storiesby Mediocre Media Lesbean
Quick lesbian short stories featuring (hopefully) diverse original characters.
Trying to Avoid Fate (girlxgirl) by spiritofdeath
Trying to Avoid Fate (girlxgirl)by Channing
Elle is a sixteen year old hybrid, no she's not a vampire and werewolf she's a werewolf and a fairy. Elle is also soon to be alpha of the Tala pack. She's looking foward...
God style by secretaccowo
God styleby Secret.acc0w0
Jercy story (Jason Grace x Percy Jackson) high school and after au The characters from Percy Jackson finish high school and move away from each other For work and colleg...
falling fast (gxg) by bumblebeebisexual
falling fast (gxg)by lyric🌻
i'm falling fast... i hope this lasts... i'm falling hard for you... i say let's take a chance, take it while we can... i know you feel it too... i'm falling fast ~~ tw:...
A Love Like This {Gxg} by the_original_normal
A Love Like This {Gxg}by Theoriginalnormal
Hi, I'm Skyler. I am 16 years young and love's; poetry, art, skateboarding but most of all girls ! Yelp I'm a lesbian "Gay" if you will, and this past summer I...
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All I want Is you (Lesbian) by SansyNazzy
All I want Is you (Lesbian)by I'mHereNow
Just me, you...and my dirty ass thoughts