Pretty Little Butcher: Memoirs of a Female Thoracic Surgeon

Pretty Little Butcher: Memoirs of a Female Thoracic Surgeon

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Everything in this book is real. Minor details have been altered to protect those who know me.
I'm a female thoracic surgeon and even though I complain about my job all the time, I never regret choosing this career. What you see on TV isn't entirely accurate, and this is my version of the truth.

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logophile23 logophile23 Jun 03
@rainbowbrook I admire you. You have a good sense of fashion and you can see diffrrent outlooks on life proven by your writing, and you're smart.
My dad wants me to be a doctor but I can't do it because I get nauseous every time i see a real body part
Wow that's lucky well u may feel like that's regarding but I'd sadly kill for that kind of attention
mswtang mswtang May 26
Isn't that just ridiculous? Like come on. As if you can pass medical school just on looks alone.
mswtang mswtang May 26
Well... I love that last line! I'm definitely not going to forgot that one. lol.
mswtang mswtang May 26
Cuz you know, your work ethics weren't taken into consideration! Or maybe most other people were just a-holes and that the attending doctor can see right through their phony selves.