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NikkiBerries By NikkiBerries Updated Jun 06, 2015

Storn supernatural abilities easily overthrew others of his grade, his decade in fact.

However, when greater forces toss him in a journey he did not expect what how he realizes...

That no mater how powerful he was, he was no match to the greater forces.

But maybe...

He part of something bigger then he'll ever expect.

Read how friendship, love and life take their toll on Storn and his friends as he battles on the hardest war in his life.

He'll have to fight himself.

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danikriss danikriss Mar 19, 2015
I remember that. I think it was from impossible possibilities. I think Des said it. It was so funny.  The Almighty Fuzzball has a new hobby, climbing on top of furniture and jumping on the nearby person. How's your Teddycakes? I hope he's not as busy as this furball over here.
danikriss danikriss Mar 19, 2015
What? You want another? Greedy:p Okay, how about one with sprinkles this time?
danikriss danikriss Mar 19, 2015
Haha you would. Here's a pink cupcake. Georgey said you earned it. :))
danikriss danikriss Mar 19, 2015
The length works fine with all the action keeping your attention.
Bitter_Sw33t Bitter_Sw33t Feb 18, 2015
I was already hooked after reading the synopsis, can't wait for book to commence and you to update!!! Xx
danikriss danikriss Feb 18, 2015
He's on couch now but he's asleep. Wore himself out beating up a ball of yarn haha. 
                              But earlier he kept chasing some invisible creature down the hall.:p