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Stephanie By Stephattanasio Completed

When Alice Reed awakens from her coma, she's met with nothing. Literally. She wakes up in a house she doesn't remember is hers. Her family? Whoever they are, they're gone now. She has no memory of anything in her past after a fatal accident. Clueless, she wanders the unfamiliar city where she finds old friends whom she does not recognize. Not only friends, but the dead, who roam the streets after a virus spread through the country, killing over half of the worlds population. The virus and the dead continue to kill. Can Alice and the group of survivors survive? And will Alice ever get the chance to meet her family, or will it be too late?

KazForce777 KazForce777 Dec 05, 2016
it is creepy already
                              Now if you can make a book creepy in the first few pages your damn good
kay_baeeee kay_baeeee Apr 16, 2015
Alice? Coma? Memory loss? Virus outbreak? Hmm.. Sounds a bit like the resident evil movies to me!
Blankhearts_ Blankhearts_ Apr 09, 2015
hi, at my school we have to create a video based on a story, would you mind if i did it on this? great story btw!
liehaneqrys liehaneqrys Apr 03, 2015
If I were Alice, I would be screaming at the top of my lungs. 
                              Having amnesia and virus outbreak all at the same time? 
                              No no no...
                              Unless you're Rick freakin' Grimes..