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Sleeping isn't coming as easily as before. I can't control my worried thoughts that speed around in my mind. I can't handle the pain and I wish for it all to go away.

The pain stays with me.

The pain gets worse.

I roll around on the cool grass, unable to find a comfortable position to sleep in. After hours of uncomfortableness I have enough and I sit up, looking around at the small group. We've lost only a few, but those few were very needed. Without them we don't have much of a fight left in us, especially with three out of six of us injured and one emotionally damaged to the point of uncontrollable sobbing all night long.

Johnny is struggling to sleep too, his body noticeably shaking. I can hear his teeth clattering together as he shivers. It's slightly cold, but not cold enough for that reaction.

I crawl weakly over to Johnny and untie the makeshift bandage that covers his wound. It doesn't look as bad as mine does, but the smell that comes from it makes me gag and cover my nose.

Johnny turns around and looks up at me with wide, fearful eyes. He squints and whispers something that I can't quite understand. "What's wrong?" I ask.

"I didn't do it," he mumbles. "It wasn't me. I swear. Don't kill me!"

"Johnny, what're you talking about?" I ask.

He shoots up and scoots backwards towards the tree. He holds his hands out in defense. "I swear it was an accident! Don't kill me, please."

"It's me," I say, scooting towards him again. "It's Alice. I'm not going to hurt you, Johnny, I promise."

"Don't touch me!" His voice raises higher than I'd prefer. We can't risk attracting anyone or anything to our location, especially because of our condition. If we get attacked now, we're screwed.

I hold my hands out towards him to show him I'm not going to do anything, but with one twitch of a finger Johnny freaks out. He lashed out and kicks at me, hitting my outreaching hand. He kicks again, this time hitting me in the shoulder with a very powerful kick.

"Get away!" Johnny screams.

Now everyone is up and alert from their troubled sleep. Jose ends up being the first to react—not much of a surprise. He tackles Johnny and covers his mouth with his large hand. Johnny squirms beneath his weight, trying to escape. Jose doesn't let him.

"What the hell?" Jose whispers urgently. "What're you doing? This ain't no fight! What do you think you're gonna get away with?"

Johnny suddenly snaps back into the situation, his eyes growing wider. He tries to talk but Jose presses his palm harder on his face.

"He can't answer you if you cover his mouth," Anne says from behind.

Jose gives her a angry glare and then slowly releases the hand on Johnny's mouth.

"I'm sorry!" Johnny gasps. "I thought you were one of the guys and I couldn't see and I freaked out."

"You scream or talk with your voice raised one more time and I will kill you," Jose threatens.

Johnny ignores the threat and looks at me, his eyes full of sadness. "I'm so sorry, Alice. I didn't mean it, I swear."

"That's not the first time someone's said that to me," I say before I can stop myself. I can't help but to gasp in surprise.

"What?" Jose asks in confusion.

"Nothing," I say quickly.

What the hell? Where did that even come from? I ask myself.

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