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A loud scream pierces through my blank mind, waking me from the darkness. But when I open my eyes wide, I still barely see anything. I can hear heavy breathing, someone crying, and someone groaning in pain. Besides that, I hear the sounds of the infected.

I feel a large amount of pressure on my lower half from my waist down. I reach down to feel the source of the weight. A body.

As soon as I touch the soft skin of someone's cheek, the body jerks away. They begin to move, repositioning their body. I feel a large hand push off my leg and the weight switches from half of my body to only my legs. I begin to push the person away as the weight crushes my legs.

"Get off!" I let out a desperate cry, clawing at them to get off.

I get a glimpse of blond hair, realizing it's Chris. I can barely remember any of the events that happened, but I remember seeing his foot slip. After that it all went dark.

"Shh," someone hushes us in the darkness of the van.

I can feel a light breeze break through the stuffy heat of the crowded van. The windows on the side of the van where we lay on the doors have broken. I can feel the shards of glass digging into my shoulder and arm. The fingers of my left hand is entangled in Kim's hair. I realize I'm laying on her.

I reposition myself as much as I can. I sit up and lean on the roof of the van. Glass punctures the palms of my hands and I pull them up to my face quickly so I can start plucking them out.

"What do we do?" I hear someone whisper as I pull out the first little piece of glass.

"Can they get in?" Another asks.

"Stay quiet," Jose, who I can easily identify by the harshness of his voice, says.

Then another scream pierces the silence. "Get it away! Get it off!"

Then Jose's curses and the sound of an infected gets louder. It's like it's right next to me. I look around, desperately trying to see through the dark. I see a movement on the right side of me where Brenda and Jose were.

"Help!" She wails.

I get up and look over the seat where Brenda lays on the door. Jose is stepping over her and holding on to the seat. I can see through the light of the back of the van that there's an infected pushing its face through the broken glass of the back window, reaching for Brenda. Jose gets a good enough grip on the seat to pick up a foot and kick the infected in the face. This only results in the glass breaking even further from the force of his kick.

The infected reaches in, it's glazed eyes wide and wild. It grabs hold of Brenda's arm. Before any of us can do anything, the infected clamps down on her wrist. She screams again, and the scream turns into a cry as she knows it was a fatal bite.

Jose kicks the infected in the face. The infected whips its head back but continues to cling on to Brenda's wrist. I take the knife out from my belt and lunge over her, shoving the knife into the milky eye of the infected. It goes limp.

Brenda holds her hand up to her chest, tears running down her face. Her sobs ring around the quiet van. My heart sinks and for a second I forget all the fear that I felt seconds ago. I want to hold her and tell her it's going to be okay, but we all know it's not. We all know she's going to die, it's just a matter of time.

"Oh, God," she whispers. "Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no!"

"Brenda, we need you to be quiet," Jose says calmly. I've never heard his voice so steady. It's almost like he's pleading. "We can't be loud. We'll get out of this, but we need to stay quiet."

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