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Kim's fingers grab hold of my hair that's hangs over her like golden curtains. She pulls me down, my face inches from her open mouth.

I make no sound. I just fight back, putting my hand on her cold forehead to keep her head down. Her mouth opens and closes repetitively, biting air. I keep my head high enough to avoid a bite, but her fingers that are locked in my hair brings a burning pain to my scalp. I'm weak, still not recovered from the battle with Brenda.

I feel myself getting weaker by the second as I try to fight her off. I look up at Chris and start calling his name in panic. He stirs, then wakes up. He does a double take as he looks at Kim. His mouth drops and his eyes widen. He freezes, not moving.

"Help me!" I scream at him.

Chris stays frozen.

"Chris!" I cry. My heart is racing and my arms and legs shake without my control. I'm losing power fast.

I hear footsteps, followed by a surprised curse. I hear loud noises coming from the kitchen. Within seconds someone is pulling me away. I watch as Jose pulls Kim off of the couch and slams her face first into the rug.

Chris is awake and confused as he watched the struggle between Jose and Kim. Finally he processes it all and screams at Jose, shoving him off of Kim as quick as a bullet. "Get off of her!"

Then Kim reaches up and grabs Chris by his shirt. She pulls him close to her face, giving Chris a moment to see her eyes vacant and glazed over. He mumbles something that I can't understand and starts to pull away from her.

Jose grabs hold of Kim's hair and keeps her head down as he takes a knife from his pocket.

Most of the house is awake and everyone is rushing down the stairs to see what the commotion is about. Some gasp, some cry.

We all go silent as soon as Jose sticks the knife through her temple.

Kim stops moving, her hands falling to her sides. Jose takes the blade out of her head and blood trickles down into her ear and her hair.

Chris pulls her onto his lap, continuously saying, "Kim wake up! Wake up!" He shakes her and her head falls to the side, giving us a better look of the wound on her head. Chris continues to cry, his words becoming more and more hard to understand. He pulls her up to his chest and hugs her tightly, tears falling into her bloodied hair.

The sight is almost unbearable. Jose gets up and walks away after cleaning the blood off the blade. Everyone who came to see what the ruckus was stays silent. Some of them walk back up the stairs and others go down to get closer.

"How did she turn?" Chris cries.

Everyone shakes their head, not knowing.

"Someone answer me!"

"Chris, we're just as surprised as you are," Anne says as she approaches us. She kneels down beside Kim and grabs her hand.

"She was fine. I checked her pulse! She was alive!" Chris puts her head on her chest, listening.

"She's dead," Anne says quietly. "There's no point to check. The knife punctured her brain."

Chris picks his head up and looks around. "How did she die? How did she turn?" No one answers. "Answer me!"

Naoto comes closer, inspecting her. He then turns and tells everyone to go back to their rooms. Chris, Anne, and I don't leave. Naoto doesn't speak. Instead he checks her arms and legs for anything. He comes up with nothing. He pulls up her shirt and everyone freezes.

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