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"Is everyone sure about this?" Anne asks the group as we're all huddled together on the grass.

Everyone nods.

"It's dangerous. But we won't have anywhere to go if we don't try to get our things back. We worked our asses off for that food and water. We deserve it back."

Suddenly there's screaming heard from inside the house. We all look over to see what the noise is. People start running outside. A man follows them and is yelling at the top of his lungs, "Kill me!"

We watch as the man runs up to another man. He stares him in the eyes with his wide open. The man in front points the light into his face. His eyes are bloodshot.

Everyone panics. "Shoot him!"

"No!" Jane screams from the house. She rushes outside and pushed the man with the flashlight out of the way. "What are you doing?"

"Jane, somethings wrong," the crazed man says. He's shaking.

"Are you bit?" She checks him for any marks. "What's wrong, Eric?"

"I don't feel right." Eric leans over and vomits on the grass. He stays hunched over and everyone waits for him to say something or stand up. He rasps, "Get away."

"Eric, no-"

Eric pushed Jane on the ground and everyone swarms him. "Kill me!"

I stare at the man as he raises his hand. His words echo in my head.

Kill me.

The vision of Brenda pops back into my head as she begged for me to kill her. As she was turning.

"Eric, where were you bit?" Jane asks frantically.

"I wasn't bit," Eric replies worriedly. "I never got bit."

"Then what's wrong?"

Eric suddenly grabs hold of Jane's neck and starts to strangle her with his large hands. She tries to cry for help but he's cutting off her breathing. Her arms flail around crazily and everyone watches in shock.

So it's true, I think to myself. They can change without being infected.

It doesn't make sense. How? Why?

Then the group is fighting to pull the man off Jane and everyone is tugging and pulling.

That's when Anne shouts, "Now!"

For a second we all pause and look at each other, unsure of what we're getting ourselves into. But then I remember the album of my family is sitting in the room. The only piece left of my family. I need to get it.

We charge inside, sneaking past the large group of distracted people. As soon as we get in there's already two men standing in our way. Anne and Jose immediately stab them in the temple so they don't scream out for help. They drop to the floor, dead.

"Grab the food and water, someone find the keys to the van, and as soon as we can, we run out," Jose says hoarsely. 

I sneak to the room and open the door. In the room is a woman who sits with Sunflower on the floor. I look at her and she looks at me. Her hair is dark and put into a ponytail. Her eyes are scared but they are a beautiful green. I notice a long scar down her cheek. We keep eye contact for the longest time. But then Sunflower barks.

The woman stands up and lunges at me with her knife. I dodge the blade and get a good hold on my knife.

Her face shows fear and her movements are weak and unsteady. I can tell she's been injured, that's why she's hiding.

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