Saved by the Alpha

Saved by the Alpha

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clairesclairey By clairesclairey Updated Sep 05

High school senior, Ivy Castro, was just like any other 17 year old girl. Nothing out of her ordinary ever happened to her. With a raging alcoholic for a mom and a dad that hasn't been present since birth, she's ready to graduate and get out on her own. But what happens when she's forced to leave her home for her own safety? Where is she going to go? And who is this strange man invading her dreams at night? Time will tell.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention some of my chapters are "VIP" chapters. Now you are all very important people to me soooo if you plan on reading this book in it entirety, it must be added to your library... and/or you must me following me... Not 100% sure because I'm not really a Wattpad wiz. By no means am I saying you HAVE to follow me or what not, do what you want to do! Just a heads up so you don't feel cheated if it says you have to follow! :)  xoxo, Claire Bear!

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