You Are Mine

You Are Mine

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gonebeforethesunsets By gonebeforethesunsets Completed

"Beau, stop," I gasped, but I didn't want him to stop. 

"Amabelle. I am your alpha and your mate. You are mine and only mine. I am yours and only yours. Don't tell me what I can and can't do to you," he murmured. 

"I-" I started.

My protests were silenced with his lips pressed against mine, and the traitor I was to myself, I made no move to remove them.
Amabelle Murdock has experienced much, much more than an eighteen year old should. She witnessed her pack being brutally murdered and her parents dying while saving she and her siblings. Her heavy past is a burden that she feels no other person should feel the need to help carry. 

Beau Chandler is the breathtakingly possessive alpha-to-be. There's just one thing holding him back from gaining his alpha title: a mate. He needs a luna by his side in order to truly rule the pack. 

When Amabelle and Beau meet, both are desperately in love with one another. However, Amabelle is determined not to let her past be a burden to her mate. Beau is determined to show Amabelle that she belongs to him. 
Okay so this was written a long time ago, so it's obviously problematic. Please no negative comments⏤I'm in the process of editing it, I know it's immensely flawed.

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Leah10103 Leah10103 Jul 21
Who da fuq said anything about peek a boo I was playing hide and help my kids escapse
abbyypotter abbyypotter Sep 28
That's so scary omg my heart would skip a beat like I get scared when I'm playing hide and seek and someone finds me
Leah10103 Leah10103 Jul 21
I hate it when its a ordinary name and parents gotta remix it making it harder for they kids because every time they turn around they gotta correct somebody saying they name wrong
                              Just like in Coraline she told them her name but everybody just kept calling her Caroline
LizWritez LizWritez Aug 23
i don't know anyone from any of this but i'm already emotionally attached to them all and am gonna cru
This is my third time reading this!! I absolutely love this book
Leah10103 Leah10103 Jul 21
I swear this was the best beggining to a book ever 
                              Usually the people in the story randomly mention it until that one person just full out says it but thank god this book got to the point