Flawless Sinner.

Flawless Sinner.

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poewriter By poewriter Updated Jan 04, 2015

She steps out of her room, everyone is sleeping, tonight her dad has a night shift, "perfect". Nervously she starts examining each room. In the first room her mom is sleeping, the second room her brother is listening to music, and the third room her grandmother is praying namaz ; "shit, i forgot to pray."

She grabs hold of the staircase. Not wanting to make any noise she takes light steps, putting her weight on  the staircase. She has a white bed sheet wrapped around her body to cover the naked skin underneath. Tonight she will be given birth to. She will re-enter the world and exit the white sheet’s womb. 

One step at a time she gets closer to her destination and soon the final steps become a breeze. She heads towards the living room to turn on the computer. She signs in, she has never done this before.  She waits for him to come online, a guy she has been chatting with for a month now. She likes him: she likes his compassion, his forgiveness, his uniqueness,"tonight i will finally see him."

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