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Trapped in Love (NaLu fanfic)

Trapped in Love (NaLu fanfic)

66.6K Reads 2K Votes 21 Part Story
Pinky-San By Natsufire12 Completed

Natsu and Lucy get trapped in a cave and their only way out is to kiss. About a week or so later after their kiss, Natsu starts to ignore Lucy. Lucy gets upset and asks Natsu why he's ignoring her. Natsu gives in and tells her why he's ignoring her. Natsu was ignoring her because of the their kiss. Natsu and Lucy end up staying friends afterward. While Natsu and Lucy are still friends, Lucy has feelings for Natsu but she doesn't want to tell him because she thought that he wouldn't feel the same way about her. Natsu then develops feelings for Lucy and confesses to her. They both say they love each other and they start dating!
They go on a job one day and on that job, there's some serious trouble that happens and it could possibly hurt Lucy or worse. Will Natsu be able to save Lucy before its too late? Read and find out!
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Fairy Tail or its characters. They belong to the creator of Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima.

TheWriterWriting TheWriterWriting Feb 28, 2016
I already love it ! I started a fanfiction about Lucy and Natsu i would really like it if you could follow me, read or vote for my story!
JeonJungkook583 JeonJungkook583 Aug 30, 2016
Wohhh I love nalu too I am a anime lovers before Kpopers  an
smolwillow smolwillow Jan 27, 2016
"Y-Yes m-ma'am." Gray said, a terrified tone shading his voice. Natsu and I backed away from the situation.
Aaron_dragona Aaron_dragona Apr 11, 2016
Well this is good for Natsu and Lucy. Gray's totally gonna die though.
bigredsara bigredsara Jan 26, 2016
Yeah I mean not my problem though I'm the one who posted the job -_-
                              (I kidding by the way XD)
sparklying sparklying Jan 30, 2015
Wendy actually isn't part of their team she is choosing between them and shadow gear