The Stars in Your Eyes (Cloud Strife x Reader)

The Stars in Your Eyes (Cloud Strife x Reader)

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Yuki-chan By TD-Yukiryuu Completed

She always wanted to see the shimmering glory of the celestial stars, to feast her eyes on their majestic scintillation. But her dream was beyond the stars, above the nocturnal sky. Her dream was to see herself in His eyes... but how could that be, when she could barely even see his face! What gnawed on her even more was the doubt... doubting the possibility that he even noticed her.

Little did she know that she was the only girl that his eyes could ever behold... 
Only in her eyes could he see his stars...

Cloud Strife x Reader

FanFictionFreak16 : "Best Cloud x reader story I've read so far!!!"

LilahCapricornia: "Thi... this.. is JUST TOO ADORABLE!"

Falan13: "That was great! I melted when I read this and I can't wait for more!"

ArtienanaArmenia: "This was so beautiful. The writing was so detailed that it felt like I was there."

peachyplxsmids: "This is the best cloud fanfic i have ever read!! I can totally see myself reading it again and again!"

jeantothemarco: "Omg this was the best fanfic I have ever read <3 honestly, this was so cute and so adorable I wish this would happen irl haha."

wasabeebaby: "this story is better than the twilight and the fault in our stars stories the ants wanted to eat my eyes because of too much sweetness."

FFVII-Caius: "*goes to her room, locks the door and starts jumping everywhere while endlessly screaming and squealing like a crazy girl who has just been asked out on a date by her secret crush*"

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RavenQuillq RavenQuillq Jan 16
Welp I can already tell this is a good Cloud x Reader Especially caus it says “That smarty-pants Fox!” Id a say the saaame thing if it was irl
I haven't even started reading this yet, and I am alrEADY SQUEALING AND LOVE IT
                              Don't ask how lol #FFVIIlogic 
                              My sister: What logic? Are you putting logic in a Final Fantasy game?
RavenQuillq RavenQuillq Jan 16
If I was brave enough I’d be runnin around Midgar bein dumb
AuthorMisty AuthorMisty Jun 25, 2016
Best Cloud x reader story I've read so far!!! I also love how you made Reno the reader's best friend, Reno is my most favourite character in the final fantasy world.
                              Ps. Do you have any Reno stories, if you don't you should make one😀 anyway.... Keep up the good work!!!!
WakaSushi-chan WakaSushi-chan Aug 19, 2016
Me and reno would be great friends since this is how me and my friends interact
TheMelodyOfTheClouds TheMelodyOfTheClouds Dec 31, 2016
YAS RENO! IT'S BAE NUMBER 2! I just wish he had a bigger role...