The Apprentice (Sephiroth x Reader)

The Apprentice (Sephiroth x Reader)

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Yuki-chan By TD-Yukiryuu Completed

Reader-chan, a 2nd Class SOLDIER, has a crush on her tutor Sephiroth. However, she doesn't have the courage to confess her sincere emotions in front of anyone, especially that strong 1st class SOLDIER whom she loves so much. She did not have to utter a single word about this matter however, because Sephiroth is already aware of the way she feels for him. So, he has his own means of making her confess her love... some cocky, evil means! 

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adoori: "Too cute, you captured his character perfectly!"

Corrupthoughts: "This is the best fan-fic I've read of Sephiroth. It was wonderful and so well written, you used perfect descriptions and I could feel the emotion well. The inner dialogue is realistic and smooth."

Devilishly-Beautiful: "This is the 11th time I'm reading this story. I can never get tired of it!"

FFVII-Caius: "THAT. WAS. EXQUISITE!! I've never read a Sephy x Reader story before but I can proudly say that THIS is THE BEST! EVER! And I just want to tell Sephiroth that I ha... *faints* That was ONE HELL OF AN END! It was like you were really there, in her place, like it really happened. How do you do that?"

MillyMaeAKAshap: "Oh my gosh, THAT WAS AMAZING!!! The best Sephiroth FF EVER!!!"

momokitty27: "Oh my gosh!! I loved this so much! It was the perfect blend of drama and romance."

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NekoNrinrei NekoNrinrei Apr 08, 2017
I thought he was gonna say "You know.... I've been looking at your butt."
UniSquidGirl21 UniSquidGirl21 Jun 29, 2017
My mind is telling no but my body my body is telling me yessss🎶
polly8118 polly8118 Jan 05
...You know what? Sephy's looking mighty happy with that bimbo grinding on him so I'mma just step back and enjoy a nice ice tea.
cheese4295 cheese4295 Aug 03, 2016
Im trying to keep reading but I can't
                              And after 1 hour, im gonna try to read.
My_Destiny_is My_Destiny_is Jun 24, 2016
There should be an alternate version of this where she actual walks away from him and doesn't look back
Omg I love this soooooo much sephy is bae and your such a good story written I cant wait to read more