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Aaron Montgomery is a good looking, rich, charming, playboy
Carter Stevens is the girl every-guy wants.
I'm Krystal Smith. A.K.A The Best Friend

If you are looking for some cliche story about my best friend's ex boyfriend, or another ridiculous cliche about me being an "average" looking girl, and the hot playboy, runs into me, picks my books up for me, and instantly falls inlove with me while I fight back my feelings; Let me just say you are in the wrong place, I tell you. It's true that Carter is my best friend, and he her is ex, but trust me... No cliche's happen! 

Let me explain:

Carter met Aaron.
 Aaron met Carter
Carter fell for Aaron
Aaron broke Carter's heart like the playboy he was.

 I'm Carter's best friend. 
Carter's my best friend. 
Aaron got in the way of that by using me. 

Now here I am pretending to be Aaron's girlfriend so he can prove himself worthy to his dad. But, it's harder than you think when you're faking the whole relationship, cant let Carter know, and the feelings for him are getting kind of complicated....

My life use to be stable and fine until this happened. And it's all because of 


I have a problem when my mother is yelling at me all I do is smile
Cbri_0707 Cbri_0707 Jul 14
Wow so the girls get labeled.... What about-- y'know what! Nvm😂
Beanswers Beanswers Feb 08
Wait so if girls are whores, guys are not labeled? Wow. Welcome the 21 century.
ElisMama ElisMama Mar 23