The Rogue Mate [#Wattys2015]

The Rogue Mate [#Wattys2015]

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Katrine By RocketMason Completed

"- Have you figured it out?
He asks me as he manages to place one of his hands on my face before he traces it down my neck, past my chest and down towards my hips where he grabs a solid hold of my thigh. 
- Yes, I have...
I answer as I move my head slightly closer to his, my hands still around his neck.
- What have you discovered?
He asks as he moves closer to me in return, our eyes burying into each other.
- That I want you, and that I need you.
The tip of his nose barely touches mine, but the tension between us causes our skin to be ten times as sensitive as it normally is.
- And...?
He goes on.
- I want you to claim me, Blake. I need you to claim"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Three years ago, Blake and Kate's destinies were intertwined by an event that caused them both losses they found hard to cope with. Now, three years later, they come to meet at the very scene where it all happened, only to find out that they are mates.
      But Blake is a rogue, and very responsible for the loss that Kate has suffered. On the other side, Blake has led a life filled with pain, punishments, his entire body is scarred to pieces. Into his past, there is someone hunting him and he doesn't even know who or what. All that he knows, is that the moment he and Kate lock eyes with each other, he's no longer supposed to live a lonely life.
      However, it all depends on whether or not Kate will trust him or not. Will she accept her destiny that her mate is a rogue? Will she come to terms with his past?

Rated #193 in Fantasy (15/2-15)
Rated #388 in Werewolf (28/3-15)

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s10888501 s10888501 Nov 12, 2017
Like her father payed the price for killing his brother. I.R.O.N.I.C
s10888501 s10888501 Nov 12, 2017
Think you I be been wanting to read books like these but could never find them if anyone knows were to find them please TAG ME.
the_awesome_twosome the_awesome_twosome Mar 08, 2015
I think the Alpha's death was justified.. The arse didn't listen!
the_awesome_twosome the_awesome_twosome Mar 08, 2015
It seems you share names with both mine and El's characters! XD XD
panemgirl panemgirl Jan 03, 2015
I love this too!!! Gosh I love everything you do!!! First off I'm so happy that this isn't like typical wolf stories... It's different and not the same thing that I have read over and over again!!! This looks really amazing and I'm excited to see future chapters :)
Coggemm Coggemm Jan 01, 2015
Well, what a gloomy atmosphere. *Tries to cheer everyone up* ah what a beautiful day it is! ;) I think it's great :)