Mate? Mate.

Mate? Mate.

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"Please," I heard the boy say sofly interrupting my thoughts, but I didn't dare move closer to him, "Just let me explain." He seemed pleading me to stay with him.

"Wh-what, h-how?"

I stared at him in awe. That can't be true. I'm not hallucinating again because of a wolf, or in that case, a human-wolf.

"Please. Just don't freak out or scream. I'll explain if you give me a chance. I'm injured, so I can't run after you," He stared at my bleeding shoulder and gave me an apologetic, yet sympathetic look, "You're injured as well, just let us both have a talk. Please."

I had the urge to listen to him. His eyes are enough, but I was actually excited to know what just happened as well.


"M-me?" I asked pointing my finger to my chest.

"Do you see anyone else around as beautiful and breathtaking as you are?" He asked me not failing to make me blush. I could tell he saw my pink cheeks because he put his hand on my cheek sending sparks down my spine.

"Wait, one more thing before you leave," he said scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. "I, soon to be Alpha, Blake Hunter, accept you, Jasmine Thomas, as my mate and future Luna of Midnight Stone Pack."


Jasmine Thomas is an athletic, hot, and sarcastic human with a handsome boyfriend. You can say a perfect girl with a picture perfect life. Little did she know that her life will change when she stumbles upon a huge black wolf. 
     Blake Hunter is a 21 year-old Alpha. Merciless is an understatement. Blake has been searching for his mate for five years, since he turned 16, with no such luck until he bumps into Jasmine in the woods.

 Follow them in their bumpy pack life.

 Read at your own risk.

  • betrayal
  • friendship
  • loss
  • love
  • mate
  • perfect
  • werewolf
Ashley_Bowler Ashley_Bowler 5 days ago
The fight I have with my boyfriend are serious... he thinks that Jason is better than Percy 😒
JJmikels JJmikels Mar 16
It's ironic my name is Jasmine. My nickname is Jazzy, and I'm reading this book😂
omlraenae omlraenae Jan 29, 2017
Ahhh Scott's mom and Stiles dad from teen wolf!! Please tell me that wasn't a coincidence