Bad Blood {Completed}

Bad Blood {Completed}

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StrangerGranger By TeaNHeartache Completed

The Enforcers are up against a formidable foe who has more planned than just the elimination of some wolves. The whole supernatural and natural world is in jeopardy if they don't find a way to get rid of him and his followers. All the old characters are here along with some new ones.  (Sequel to The Hunted) 


"Lex, I think you should just sit down." Gideon says to me in an almost plea. I look to him and then back to Victor who is clearly doing everything he can to contain his anger at the moment. I clench my teeth together and I do the dumbest thing I probably should have in that moment, "You can all go to hell." I say through gritted teeth. I have a problem with anger okay? It couldn't just back down to these he-man wannabe's after all the BS that they had put me through.  

My eyes widened as Victor let out a fierce roar and then before my eyes he went from man to beast. It happened so quickly that no one even had a moment to respond to it. He was charging at me from across the room and I was standing frozen with wide eyes as he came at me. The wolf collided with me full force and my body slammed into the ground with a sickeningly loud crack. I felt all my bones snapping and rattling together as I hit the ground. 

The wolf caged me underneath himself  his big sharp teeth snarling inches from my face. I blinked a couple time as I stared into those glowing blue eyes and I felt my heart beating in ears. This was it, I was going to be killed because I couldn't keep my stupid mouth shut and just do what I had been told.

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AudreyJulietSchneide AudreyJulietSchneide Mar 15, 2017
How do you kill a circus clown?
                              By shooting him in the jugular!
                              If you know where this is from we are automatically best friends
HollyDouglas5 HollyDouglas5 Apr 15, 2017
Obviously Lex had no clue what or who she is or that she is part of a bigger world. Will be interesting to see how she reacts when she finds out. Now Nate who side is he on and what do they want with Lex?
HollyDouglas5 HollyDouglas5 Nov 23, 2017
The other day I went into my library and everything had disappeared. Couldn’t remember all the books I had waiting for new chapters. Decided to reread this one.
SweetMelodies44 SweetMelodies44 Jan 20, 2017
So... It's not going to be in Elena's point if view....?
                              Well then.. That sucks
calaenanova calaenanova Nov 01, 2016
Hi, will we get to see the story from elena's POV or will we keep with Lex's POV?
Katarinaxx Katarinaxx Nov 20, 2016
The main characters have changed? I wish it'd be elena again