Prince Of my Dreams [ OHSHC ]《BOYXBOY》(SLOW UPDATES)

Prince Of my Dreams [ OHSHC ]《BOYXBOY》(SLOW UPDATES)

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Pokkapistol By Pokkapistol Updated Nov 08, 2015

BoyXBoy if you didnt know, Yaoi.
Saya Minato, is not a rich student but got a scholarship and enrolled into Ouran Academy. He has a past that no one knows about and he currently lives alone and his neighbour is Haruhi Fujioka. They both knew each other since the start of middle school and they've been there for each other when they had troubles.

But now, when they both gain scholarships and entered the famous school called Ouran Academy, things might just change for the both of them, for better or for worse.

*wink* *wink* read it. *wink* *wink*

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Insolatam Insolatam Oct 24, 2017
Same I can't draw,  I have an actual book rn with craptacular drawings galore xd
Pie2002 Pie2002 Aug 27, 2017
Tamaki, you need your eyes fixed, you tend to get genders mixed up
Aurelltrix3 Aurelltrix3 Jun 23, 2017
*Beep Beep* you hear that? It's my B***h detector, and it went straight at you.
MrPink__ MrPink__ Aug 11, 2017
[* in a professional TV voice] You can get the "legendary" commoner's tea for just ¥10812.43 ($99). Call xxx-xxx-xxxx. Call now and get one free (plus shipping and handling)
SheenaChang SheenaChang Aug 17, 2017
I hate her, she thinks so lowly of commoners like Haruhi and Saya-chan. Just bc she's rich and can do/say whatever she wants doesn't mean she'll get everything. 😡😤
Currygirl2 Currygirl2 Jan 05
                              *Rich girl looks at me*
                              I have kurige so you can go head a suckadick