Romance is for Humans-Passion is for Wolves

Romance is for Humans-Passion is for Wolves

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writerchild95 By writerchild95 Updated Aug 26, 2013

Sarah hasn't had the best few years. Her parents were killed, her world upended, she's been living with a sort of foster that were close friends with her parents, she's now aware werewolves exist. What else could go possibly wrong in such a short time of a few months? Well, there might be the fact that her Foster Parents are werewolves in a pack they claim her parents had lead before their deaths, or maybe that her brother became a giant, furry wolf in front of her not a month after her parents deaths and is now said packs Alpha?

Now, years later she's been brought back to the town and the very house where her parents had been killed having to deal with everything on her own. Simus has gotten over her parents' murder with no sympathy towards her as he rolls around with his fluffy-followers, she's forced to deal with all of the pack life and the obnoxious wolves over running her parents house. What can she do? Develop her already sarcastic attitude further of course! Not to forget all of the wallowing and dark thoughts she engages in when alone....

It hasn't been long that she's arrived back 'home' when another disturbance comes along.

Meet Cain, the friendly, territory invading, possessive, dominant male wolf that loves aggravating her and calling her pet names.

Read to find out what happens to this Girl trapped in a world of WereWolves who happens to hold a grudge against the lot of them.

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