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Superman's Daughter (Young Justice Fanfiction)

Superman's Daughter (Young Justice Fanfiction)

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hikari46 By hikari46 Updated Jun 14, 2015

A girl named Kathleen Kent is the daughter of Superman. Her powers are completely different from him except super hearing and ability to fly. She was been cursed by an unknown person ever since Kathleen was born. Her father is training Kathleen how to identify this person and no one knows her secret except the Justice League

I don't own the Young Justice

Food or physical wings like bird wings XD X3. 
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                              I SAY WE KILL THE BEASTLY WINGS THAT WE CAN EAT
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I've literally always wanted to have that power
KassiaPJOfan9 KassiaPJOfan9 Dec 17, 2016
Wht is the difference between telekinestic and telekinetic????
anime_addict808 anime_addict808 Jul 14, 2016
All I can think of is Avatar the last airbender...I miss that show
BlueFood101 BlueFood101 Sep 23, 2016
                              ITS ATHENA
                              YOU KNOW
                              GREEK GODDESS OF WISDOM!!
                              @SunsetAvenue101 COME HERE I DARE YOU
Artexz Artexz Jul 13, 2016
You can't really say you look like her. I mean, sure there are traits of people knowing how she has black hair and gray eyes but her features are what you can't determine.