The way it could have been (A Vampire Academy fanfic)

The way it could have been (A Vampire Academy fanfic)

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Jess-Roza By Jess-Roza Updated May 15, 2015


It was the day of the memorial; I entered the church and when I laid eyes on my mentor-turned-lover in the final pew on the far left he called me over with his eyes.

"Hey my true peace provider," he whispered in my ear when no one was looking.

"Hi yourself my sanity saviour," I returned just as quietly. Was he really referring to sex while in the church? Was I seriously encouraging him? It was one thing for Liss and Chris to have sex in the attic, it was another entirely for Dimitri and I to reference it in the active place of prayer. 

Over the past two days we'd spent an amount of time apart, and subtly together in the church. I was still- despite the fallout of Jesse's incident- pulling the darkness because Lissa needed to be stable to continue to heal the injured. 

"Are you?" I got the silent 'still pulling?'

"Yes. She's working wonders so I'm doing my bit to help her."

"Be careful. I'm not going to reprimand you but I don't want to encourage it either. Just be careful."...

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.............*glares at laptop* *brother looks at me weirdly*
thestoryscout thestoryscout Jan 01, 2015
Awwwww... I feel so sad for them, and I feel slightly ridiculous for that :P Lol, love this story too, can't say I'm surprised!!! :O