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The Thorn+ Deaths Friend -VA fanfictions (Complete) by TS__18
The Thorn+ Deaths Friend -VA fanfi...by T S
what if rose being shadow-kissed gave her more powers then she realized? what if rose had found out more about being shadow-kissed from the old books then she did in the...
  • queen
  • christenozera
  • fanfiction
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Shadow Guardian{VA fanfic} by worldreader18
Shadow Guardian{VA fanfic}by Lizzy Paige
Rose is hurt after Dimitri says he doesn't love her anymore, and Lissa isn't helping. So Rose decides to leave for a while, only telling a few people she disappears. Six...
  • christianozera
  • mikhailtanner
  • stanalto
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I'll see you when I see you by MariaCAngeles
I'll see you when I see youby Maria C. Angeles
She is tired of replying his words in her head " love fades, mine has" so she is running away... again! Leaving her best friends and duty behind! So she wrote...
  • romancefanfiction
  • isla
  • strigoi
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Who's the boss (Complete) by TeresaSullivan427
Who's the boss (Complete)by Teresa Sullivan
Rose and Dimitri are together, openly, while at the academy. But what happened to make that possible? And what happens after they leave the academy? Will they stay toget...
  • adrian
  • christian
  • belikovafamily
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The Arranged Marriage by Book_addict512
The Arranged Marriageby RJ
In the years after all governments are turned into monarchies, it isn't uncommon for princesses and women to be married off in arranged marriages. At only seventeen, Pr...
  • dimitribelikov
  • humanvampireacademy
  • abemazur
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GANGSTER LOVE SITUATION (BLACKPINK...by IamQueenDeath*here'to*kill'yo...
Gangster University is the world of GANGSTER.... This school is only for the people who have a strength to fight..... BLACKLANDTWICE is the most scariest GANGSTER GIRL G...
  • trivia
  • haveyouseenthisgirl
  • queenbitch
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Here today gone tomorrow (complete) by TeresaSullivan427
Here today gone tomorrow (complete)by Teresa Sullivan
What happens when Rose walks in on Dimitri and Tasha in the gym before training?
  • albertapetrova
  • vasilissadragomir
  • janinehathaway
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These are the Best Years of Your Life by buriacampaign
These are the Best Years of Your L...by Buria Campaign
Revision of "The Best Years of Your Life" Life. Love. Loss. In university, anything and everything can happen. The only certainty is uncertainty.
  • dimitribelikov
  • christianozera
  • rosehathaway
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Portland by ilovesos9467
Portlandby ilovesos9467
Six months after Lissa and Rose ran away from the academy, they were spotted by one of Zmey's contacts. What will happen when Dimitri Belikov, one of the best guardians...
  • queentatiana
  • rosehathaway
  • lissadragomir
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King Dimitri and Princess Rosemarie (Vampire academy and the Selection fanfic) by love_at_1sight
King Dimitri and Princess Rosemari...by kwan
The characters are based on Vampire academy by Richelle Mead, whereas part of the plot is inspired by The Selection written by Kiera Cass. Dimitri Belikov is the King of...
  • king
  • rosehathaway
  • roza
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Game Changer (A VA Fanfic) by Jess-Roza
Game Changer (A VA Fanfic)by Jess-Roza
  • romitribaby
  • mikhailtanner
  • christianozera
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Vampire Academy Oneshots and Drabbles (VA - Romitri) by ShiloQuetchenbach
Vampire Academy Oneshots and Drabb...by Whimsical Dragonette
A scrapbook of VA snapshots. About various characters, at various points in the series (and before and after). I'm calling them 'snapshots' because they're brief scenes...
  • vasilissadragomir
  • fanfiction
  • vaff
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A Heartless Mom by thinkimbipolar
A Heartless Momby QueenM
rose finally tells her mom off in the class room in front of everyone, causing Janine to show her true colours Not For Janine Lovers
  • janinehathaway
  • rosehathaway
  • vampireacademy
Vampire Academy & Bloodlines quotes  by koalas_are_cute
Vampire Academy & Bloodlines quote...by Isobel
Quotes from Vampire Academy & it's epic spinoff Bloodlines by bestselling author Richelle Mead.
  • buria
  • vasilisadragomir
  • dimitribelikov
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The Diadem (VA fanfic) by avalonhuntress
The Diadem (VA fanfic)by Avalon
What would've happened if Rose were an important royal moroi that needed her own guardians including the Russian god, Dimitri Belikov? What if Rose and Dimitri shared a...
  • romitribaby
  • dimitribelikov
  • moroi
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Vampire Academy Cast Book by katlovbook2211
Vampire Academy Cast Bookby katlovbook2211
This book has pictures of actors/singers/people that could fit the role of the Vampire Academy cast. Also a big thanks to Richelle Mead for making the best series ever...
  • abemazur
  • victoriabelikova
  • karolinabelikova
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I see you by StarsShineBright32
I see youby StarsShineBright32
Rose Hathaway, an unpopular 17 year old girl who is bullied beaten and made to feel like she is nothing. Singing is Rose's way of dealing with her life and the pain with...
  • masonashford
  • bestfriends
  • sympathy
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Rosa's New Life by h15_qu33n
Rosa's New Lifeby Elsiebeth_
After Dimitri says the heart breaking words to Rose what will she do? How will her friends react? I'm sorry this is my first fan fiction and I suck at descriptions. Als...
  • dimitribelikov
  • vampireacademy
  • janinehathaway
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Vampire Academy Fanfiction by EmmaBoon8
Vampire Academy Fanfictionby Necromancer0304
Janine kidnapped Rose from her mother and father when she was a few months old, when this is all discovered Rose knows who is really there for her and who isn't. But wh...
  • abemazur
  • dimitribelikov
  • tatianaivashkov
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What If The Stake Made It In? by destiny_writes
What If The Stake Made It In?by Destiny Rose
What if the stake made it in? What if Dimitri really died? This is Rose's life after she actually kills Dimitri, her life with Lisa and Christian as their guardian. 🥀 �...
  • miarinaldi
  • rosehathaway
  • fanfiction
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