Satan is My Soulmate[Being Re-Edited]

Satan is My Soulmate[Being Re-Edited]

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blueeblues By blueeblues Updated Jun 08

-This story popped into my head when I was dreaming-

Description: Satan has been looking through souls to see if one should go to the afterlife or not but he came across a soul that is his other half, Zero Jackson.

Zero Jackson: Player, womanizer, straight, and has a little bit of gay tendencies and doesn't know what will be coming his way.


_nakedhunter _nakedhunter a day ago
Im always questioning this. Does the real person knew that we use them to our imagination? I feel like a pervert everytime reading something like this, in a good way actually.. Bless them
LexLizzz LexLizzz Apr 24
Its actually a common mistake people have about c0ck rings. They cannot deny the person climax, they can make them last longer, but they can still cum with it on
He looks like a demon to. Only sin in carnet could evil and sexy.
Yea sweetie you keep telling yourself that see where you end up in Satan's bed
piglight piglight Mar 11
I'm listening to DMX let me fly and I was like just let him fly and then I died anyway when I finished reading this paragraph😅
wicked_witch_8 wicked_witch_8 Nov 16, 2014
i'm sorry but why in her vagina that's just weird your dad was a weirdo who should burn in hell
                              satan: he's *smiles creepy*
                              me: you know what they say "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"
                              satan: fine let's be friends