Fragile | ✓

Fragile | ✓

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Fifteen year-old Jessica Jane Willens feels no stinging pain in her heart, no prickling tears in her eyes, just empty and as stiff as a stick. But does it really count as being empty if you are stubborn and refuse to give out to emotions? Even when all you really want to do is fall into someone's arms and cry? 

Trying to put her sarcastic sided on pause and not drag attention to herself, she realizes it was way easier to hide in her old life than in her new one.

Living with 4 strangers that happen to be her step-brothers. Getting the attention of the schools' three most popular boys. Given a set of rules to follow but as some may say, rules were made to be broken. Haunted, some may say blessed, by memories of her dad, who died in the impact of a car crash, daily while getting used to her life: polar opposite from her old one. 

In which you follow Jessica on her journey and you start to wonder, is she really Fragile?


→ 2nd place in End of An Era Awards humor

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