Love and marriage by hashmy
Love and marriageby hashmy
story about four friends. Radhika mishra, daughter of dileep and mala mishra, working in bird song(an advertising company)...
  • wattys2018
  • romance
  • generalfiction
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Mine Forever (#Teenloveseries) by tiara14100
Mine Forever (#Teenloveseries)by F A T I M A H🐼
2nd book in #Teenloveseries Sequel to: You Are Mine Leaving Blake had been harder than ever for Lyida. But, after shifting to Sydney , after ruining her relationship wit...
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Finding Her....Last Love 2 by Abha3006
Finding Her....Last Love 2by Abha Dikshit
Meet Yash a handsome and down to earth guy, A rare combination to find when you have all the attention of the world...his isn't a playboy and believes in true relationsh...
  • findinglove
  • love
  • heartbreak
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Inner And Outer Demons by Divergent_obsessed46
Inner And Outer Demonsby Divergent_obsessed46
Here on the job, you not only battle the demons outside in the world. But the demons resting inside you as well. - - - Tris Prior's first day as a homicide detective ap...
  • tris
  • fourtris
  • homocide
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Finding Love by Annujam
Finding Loveby Annu Maria Johny
A story of a lonely girl, whose ultimate aim is to find her Love.... As usuall my Pranushka story... Please support...
  • sweety
  • anushka
  • findinglove
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Yes, Your Majesty (manxman) by krazykitten359
Yes, Your Majesty (manxman)by krazykitten359
Okay lets see...what can I write for the description.... Meet Gabriel, he's a young man who just wants to graduate without too much drama. He's trying his best to stop t...
  • romance
  • passion
  • prince
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Find Me A Man  by RaysofKays
Find Me A Man by K
First her mom left, she was only two. Then her dad left, she was only eight. And the cherry on top was when her best friend, Sierra Little, left with neither a good bye...
  • fiction
  • adults
  • african
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Finding Love by marlumin
Finding Loveby marlumin
Mare is a high school sophmore, and she has been in love with Alex Sweetie since the 8th grade. She never really talked to him, until one day her bestfriend Alina Mctate...
  • chicklit
  • bestfriends
  • lovestory
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An Indian Princess - A Modern Day Fairytale (Completed) by netbotluv
An Indian Princess - A Modern Cornett
Have you ever felt like everything you did was wrong and no matter how hard you worked, it was never good enough? Have you ever felt like no one loved you and wondered...
  • teacher
  • fortune
  • creature
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How we began (now published, so sample only) by SandraCorton
How we began (now published, so Sandra
When Kayla McCrae was forced into a dare by her friends, she had no idea what she was in store for. They dragged her into the kissing booth and that was when her calm li...
  • teenfiction
  • teen
  • findinglove
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Beauty In The Making by AnjaKay
Beauty In The Makingby anjanique🍭.
"She's ugly" "She's dark as midnight" "Nah man she's just really beautiful"
  • players
  • love
  • blackgirlmagic
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The Way to His Heart by idet843
The Way to His Heartby idet843
Regan Meadows is a journalist working for her divorced father at LifeNtimes magazine. Connor Grayson is a single successful entrepreneur that hates any type of news...
  • heart
  • findinglove
  • cooking
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Cinderella- a Septiplier love story by NeverEnoughFangirl
Cinderella- a Septiplier love storyby Tuesday
Jack's parents are dead, he's worth nothing to his step family, and has no were to run. Mark is a handsome prince loved by all, but has to marry a unknown princess to pl...
  • gay
  • fanfiction
  • jacksepticeye
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Finding Love | Travis X Reader MyStreet by MalayDoesMinecraft
Finding Love | Travis X Reader Malay :P
You are best friends with Katelyn and its been a long time sense you seen her. You decided to move on her new street. Lover's Lane. Even know the street name is Lover's...
  • dante
  • zane
  • garroth
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Friendship and love are the two essential things to lead a happy life...These are the things which makes our life colourful...This is a story of Friendship and Love...
  • swadarsh
  • love
  • arshi
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SAMCRO Girl by Soa_lovexoxo
SAMCRO Girlby Soa_lovexoxo
Olivia teller left at midnight, with the crews most violent member, Shane. Now three years with no contact Olivia turns up at Teller-Morrow automotive with a three week...
  • samcro
  • olivia
  • sonsofanarchy
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If you like it or not..... by uriediculously0dd
If you like it or uriediculously0dd
After Brendon gets hit with divorce papers from his wife Sarah, he tries to forget about her in any way he can. A close friendship blossoms into Romance and Brendon find...
  • findinglove
  • brallon
  • brendonurie
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Little pieces of Hope by hayden_ls
Little pieces of Hopeby hayden_ls
When he kissed me, it was like the whole world stopped turning. Like we were the only two living things on earth. Like all that mattered was him. And everything was fina...
  • girl
  • dylan
  • tragedy
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Changing V by sully1216
Changing Vby sully1216
Veronica needed something to change in her life because a piece of her heart was missing after her brother and his friend were in a car wreck. Little did she know that...
  • teen
  • findinglove
  • love
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My Prince Charming by LolWarriorCat
My Prince Charmingby Ivy Shaw
Do you believe in love at first sight? --- Natalia Smith, a girl with no social life whatsoever, in her new high school. Immediately, one boy catches her eye. After a fa...
  • princecharming
  • charm
  • wattys2018
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