Impossible? I Think Not: A Tratie story

Impossible? I Think Not: A Tratie story

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Kawaii_Badass By Kawaii_Badass Updated Apr 28, 2016

Question: How do you ask someone who hates your guts to be your fake girlfriend to make your ex jealous?

Answer: You don't. It's impossible. But then again, demigods are all about doing the impossible.

Hey guys, just a Tratie story. Hope you like!

Will probably also have Percabeth, Thalico, Jasper, Leyna, Wyssa (Will and Nyssa), and Connor/Lou Ellen. And Tratie. Duh.

BurningPhoenix8 BurningPhoenix8 Feb 08, 2016
I would absolutely use that if I spoke English at my school. Why, oh why, don't we speed English there?
kiyokoclub kiyokoclub Apr 19, 2016
*squinty face* I don't ship Miranda and Pollux, and I don't ship Connanda, but I do ship Landa... Which is pretty much the smallest ship in any of its five shippers fleet, so I guess I'll have to deal.
WillSolace22 WillSolace22 Nov 27, 2016
I like how u said there will be a huge mess. And it only happens in one week, I think that is funny 😂 😁
life_is_beautiful115 life_is_beautiful115 Apr 12, 2016
I don't ship Connanda. Don't get mad! It's just he's dating the character that I made up in my fanfic. It's called the Bride of Ares. You should check it out.
Sneha1979205 Sneha1979205 Apr 28, 2016
Naruto? I'm kidding sup Travis it's me Sneha you know the girl from the Athena cabin
SilviaStoll SilviaStoll Feb 03
OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH HE SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!