The Nerd's Illegal Secret

The Nerd's Illegal Secret

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I'm am a nerd. I'm extremely smart. I'm short but I prefer to be called fun-sized ( I'm 5'1). I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I get good grades and have perfect attendance. I wear glasses but I don't need them. I wear baggy clothes but have an awesome body. I also have a secret. I street race. I also street fight and dance. On top of that I am a gang leader. I live in Texas.
I'm Alexis by the way I am 17 years old.

Meet Jake. He is 6'0 with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He is strong.He has a 6 almost 8 pack. He is  the school bad boy player. His is also a gang leader. They fight and race. They do other illegal stuff here and there. We beat a few people up but that was it. They do like to scare people.

What happens when they meet?

Hateful and mean comments will be deleted. This was started when I was 12.

ari301201 ari301201 Dec 28, 2016
You should totally use the 'my goldfish dies excuse' *sarcasm*
I can't see it The photo and I'm reading all the comments about how sexy it is and I'm dying over wondering what's it show 😩😭
Why is it when a person wears glasses theyre classified as a "nerd"??
when someone said that to me I said
                              " It's gonna be written in your blood if you don't get out in 5 
My brothers one and he cursed me out cuz I wouldn't share my candy with him
Satans_sister1 Satans_sister1 Nov 25, 2016
Hey there is nothing wrong with being 5'1 it just means you can fit in small places when your running from a murder while the tall people are going to die because they can't hida