The Nerd's Illegal Secret

The Nerd's Illegal Secret

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I'm am a nerd. I'm extremely smart. I'm short but I prefer to be called fun-sized ( I'm 5'1). I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I get good grades and have perfect attendance. I wear glasses but I don't need them. I wear baggy clothes but have an awesome body. I also have a secret. I street race. I also street fight and dance. On top of that I am a gang leader. I live in Texas.
I'm Alexis by the way I am 17 years old.

Meet Jake. He is 6'0 with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He is strong.He has a 6 almost 8 pack. He is  the school bad boy player. His is also a gang leader. They fight and race. They do other illegal stuff here and there. We beat a few people up but that was it. They do like to scare people.

What happens when they meet?

Hateful and mean comments will be deleted. This was started when I was 12.

Does Andrew have blonde hair, blue eyes, and the middle name Dennis also does he love KISS?
Onika13 Onika13 Jul 25
whenever someone says am short but they are over 5' i feel insulted 16 and am 4'1.....
Bennomie13 Bennomie13 Jul 30
My name is LilyAnn, 5'2, I'm 15, I'm also blonde, I dye my hair a lot, (this month is green!)
Hey there is nothing wrong with being 5'1 it just means you can fit in small places when your running from a murder while the tall people are going to die because they can't hida
Central high school
                              I go there that school is in Jamaica in Clarendon
Am I the only one who noticed that she didn't brush her teeth?