OathBlade (Wattys2015)

OathBlade (Wattys2015)

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April Parr By April_Parr Completed

A strange and terrible power once performed dark puppetry with the dead to wage war against the living. One hundred winters ago that power was staunched.

But it has returned.

After a ruinous attack against her kingdom, Princess Elery takes up her father's sword to pursue the path of vengeance. A path which brings her to the dreadful soul-eating dragon of the Dark Woods.

A dragon of legend, possessing power beyond the other spirits of the world.

But in a world where every fallen body counts among the enemy's ranks, the living may already be out of time.

Cover donated by the amazing Finnyh!

All-time best was #2 in Fantasy!


Listen to the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhK08y_2FIGrgJ8AE6ofVksTtzzcZo3n4

ZinaRefaat ZinaRefaat Aug 08
Great. Another book I'll be attached to that I won't even be paying attention to the world. *sigh*
MorganPatla MorganPatla Apr 05
Lol who else counted all the words to see of it was really 100 words? XD
Wow, I was greatly captivated by your strong and knowledgeable elocution. It was very promising, I hope it stands up to be amazing as i envision it to be.
Very impressive, I really enjoy the story and I hope you make more enjoyable stories. Thumbs up!
bowhovian bowhovian Mar 30
Wow I'm already hooked, and this is just the beginning! Well I'm ready to binge read this
DareToZlatan DareToZlatan Nov 22, 2015
Wow. Kinda reminds of the whole zombie aspect of call of duty, when the fallen join the enemies ranks. Looking forward to this story!